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Calico Basin Engagement

Las Vegas Calico Basin Engagement Session

Absolutely loving Shiela and Jeffrey’s gorgeous Calico Basin, Nevada engagement session, photographed by Los Angeles-based Ollie Sangalang of A Sight of Love.

Las Vegas Calico Basin Engagement SessionLas Vegas Calico Basin Engagement Session  Las Vegas Calico Basin Engagement Session Las Vegas Calico Basin Engagement Session las-vegas-calico-basin-engagement-photos-06 las-vegas-calico-basin-engagement-photos-07 las-vegas-calico-basin-engagement-photos-08 las-vegas-calico-basin-engagement-photos-09 las-vegas-calico-basin-engagement-photos-10

“To my surprise, Jeffrey’s backseat was filled with props and items that were all intended to be used for the shoot. I knew then and there that this was going to be a great session. I started to make small talk with Jeffrey while I help set up the props for their engagement shoot. “Sorry If we are running late,” he apologized. “No problem,” I answered. Apparently, he was driving like a maniac throughout the whole day, trying to gather all of the items that was needed for the shoot. Amazing. One thing is for sure, Shiela was impressed. Some might wonder why put in all this work for just an photo shoot? Well, all I can say is that if a guy is willing to work this hard for “just an engagement session,” just imagine the amount of work he’s willing to put in to make his wife-to-be happy.”


Check out more of Ollie’s fantastic work at A Sight of Love.

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