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Conflict-Free Diamond Engagement Rings by Alexis Russell

Conflict-free rose-cut diamond engagement ring by Alexis Russell

Conflict-free diamond engagement rings by Alexis Russell

Looking for a unique, conflict-free diamond engagement ring? Check out these beautiful options from New York-based designer Alexis Russell, who chooses stunning natural diamonds and recycled fine metals for her designs. Perfectly imperfect and socially responsible? Yes, please.

Bonus: Each of these hand-crafted diamond rings are under $1,000!

1. Silver-clear rose-cut diamond ring in 14kt gold (shown with a diamond stacking ring)
2. Rose-cut black diamond ring in 14kt white gold (shown with a hammered 14k white gold band)
3. Silver-grey cushion-cut diamond in 14kt white gold
4. Prong-set diamond slice ring in 14kt gold

View more options–including red, chocolate and yellow diamond rings–at


  1. Anything less than a thousand dollars will work with me. Besides, it doesn’t look bad at all. My girlfriend will really be happy with those. She doesn’t mind having something simple because that’s all she is too —- simple. –

    • UncommonEngagement

      Hey Jacob! Pro tip – Never call your girlfriend “simple” ;)

  2. So can you give us some info as to how these are conflict-free? Thanks a lot!

    • UncommonEngagement

      Hi Kathryn! Brilliant Earth has a great guide for conflict-free diamonds, if you’re interested in learning more about them:

      If you’d like more information about the diamonds Alexis Russell uses in her designs, your best bet would be to contact her directly. Jewelers work with a variety of suppliers, so the source and story behind the diamonds used in each piece could be unique. You can find her contact info on her website:

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